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Tips for Writing An Artist Statement 

All artist statements MUST be submitted via email in either a word document or email body. We will no longer accept hand-written statements, pdf's, or cd's.

An artist statement is requested from each artist for all exhibitions at the Lander Art Center. A good artist statement should enhance what a viewer sees in your work and provide a concise handle to approach a visual piece. It should be accurate, well-written, and correctly punctuated. It also should be specific to your work and offer unique insight into your process. Viewers appreciate learning more about the artwork and hearing the artists' voice. 

Helpful Blog: Artist Statement Guide

A few quick points to guide you:  
1. Consider answering these main points: 
- Why you make art, - what it signifies, - how you make it, - what it's made out of, and perhaps briefly, - what it means to you.

2. Use your own voice. Write about your artwork, not yourself.
A conversational tone is helpful when addressing your philosophy or emotional connection to your work. Be specific, not vague. For example, if your art is "inspired by elements of the natural world," tell which elements and how they inspire you. 

3. When discussing your methods, media or technique, be clear and specific. Anyone whether they have been to art school or not should understand.
4. The words should match the work: Is your work whimsical? colorful? dark? Make sure your words reflects the qualities of your work. This will help make your statement unique and informative. 

5. Avoid using phrases that denote uncertainty or self deprecation, such as I'm trying to... or I think that... 

6. Get a second opinion: have someone else review your statement for clarity and grammar.  

7.  Write one page or less. Keep it simple and on point. 

8. Have fun! Remember that an Artist Statement is an organic work in progress and will change as your artwork changes!

******Formatting your artist statement******

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